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Best Book of Design Volume I

You are obviously very interested in soft furnishings, fabrics, curtains and drapes and want to know more.

We can help you!

At we have developed a very extensive ebook that works hand in hand with the website. Not only do you get the valuable ebook on Soft Furnishings, but lots, lots more. We provide you with over seven hundred linked pages online about Interior Design and Decorating. That’s a lot of free information at your fingertips.

The Soft Furnishings ebook is packed with original color photographs, diagrams, information and examples all about Soft Furnishings. It is referenced and linked back to the website for even more information on Soft Furnishings, Interior Design and Decorating. You get such amazing value for your money, a large content ebook that is linked to free information that is constantly being updated.


As previously mentioned, over seven hundred pages relating to Soft Furnishings and Interior Design and Decorating.

Let’s see if we can help you with Soft Furnishings, select any of the points below if they mean anything to you.

  • You love fantastic Drapery
  • You can tell when fabrics are not quite right
  • You realize Soft Furnishings can make a dull interior look amazing
  • You would like to further your knowledge and skills on Fabrics and the use of Soft Furnishings
  • You want to know more than your friends and associates about Soft Furnishings
  • You would like to make money from Soft Furnishings
  • You would like the tools to get Soft Furnishing schemes perfect
  • You are a natural with Fabric but would love to back up your schemes with Soft Furnishing knowledge
  • You would like to have the confidence of education rather than bluffing your way through
  • You would like to talk about Soft Furnishings with authority

Even if you only selected one point, then this ebook is going to be a fantastic and essential designer’s tool for you.

Written by Lee Brown, co founder of, this is not a brief guide to Soft Furnishings, but a comprehensive design tool, written to be easily followed and retained. We know it is so well written that if you are not satisfied that you’ve gained new knowledge from it, we give you a 100% full money back guarantee for 6 weeks.

As an added bonus, when you have read the ebook there is a free self-test which makes sure that you understand and remember what you have read. We don’t want you wasting your money on this if you are not going to get any value out of it. The self-test is an excellent form of revision.

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With over 22 years hands on experience in the Interior Design business, we are professionally qualified and accredited, and we know our subject.

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With the addition of this book to your library, you too can speak with authority on the subject of Soft Furnishings and Interior Design and Decorating.

Our recommended market price is only US $24.95

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Remember you get so much more with this Soft Furnishings ebook than 160 pages of fantastically relevant information about color you also get 120 full color pictures and diagrams and the knowledge that this has been written by experts. You get the full backup of, it’s information and downloads and also that 100% money back guarantee for 6 weeks, if you are not satisfied with our superb product.

There are no extra costs to you, as this ebook is downloaded to your computer in an Adobe PDF Format for you to read on screen or print off. It will take approximately 10 minutes to download at dial up speed, 3 minutes at DSL speed.

You will require Adobe Reader to be able to read it. If you do not have this software you can download it free click here.

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Thanks and Welcome to the World of Soft Furnishings


Lee Brown

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Interior Design and Decorating Soft Furnishings

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